NYC Scholars Program


Program Costs for NYC Scholars

The minimal additional cost for this program has incredible benefits.

A semester in our immersive program in New York City costs just $655 more than a semester at our Garden City campus, not including food and incidentals.


The program does not include a meal plan. St. George Towers has a communal kitchen and microwaves, and each room is equipped with a refrigerator.

Financial Aid

Before applying, meet with your adviser to ensure that the course work in the NYC Scholars Program is required for your degree. If it is not, your enrollment status—and, therefore, your aid eligibility—could be affected.

  Garden City (Flat Rate) NYC Scholars (Flat Rate)
Tuition (15 Credits) $17,715* $17,715*
University and Technology Fees $745* $745*
Student Activity Fee $125* $125*
NYC Scholars Program Fee $0 $550
Housing – Double Room $6,000* $6,105**
Total Estimated per Student Cost (excluding food) $24,585* $25,240*

Additional Cost to Student Beyond Normal Garden City Semester: $655

*Current rate.

**Estimated cost and includes a University subsidy.

For further information, please contact:

Christine Raco
Graduate Assistant
p – 516.877.3410
e –

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