NYC Scholars Program


NYC Scholars Curriculum and Internships

Design your New York City experience.

As a student in the NYC Scholars Program, you’ll take 15 credits during your semester: 12 will meet General Education requirements (arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences), and 3 will be earned through your internship. A 1-credit internship preparation seminar is required.

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Courses that May Be Offered in Various Semesters

nyc-student-internCourses offered by the program are being designed to relate to New York City. Below are examples of courses that may be offered.


  • Literature and the Other Arts
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Black Writers I

Environmental Studies

  • Urban Environments
  • Introduction to the Oceans
  • Environmental Geology


  • Cultural Anthropology

Political Science

  • Politics of Food
  • Multilateralism and Global Governance


  • Social Change
  • Ethnicity and the United States


  • History of New York City
  • Food and American History


  • Experience Theater: Off-Broadway


The 3-6-credit internship is an integral part of your NYC Scholars experience. Before starting your semester in the city, you’ll work with the Center for Career and Professional Development to line up an internship related to your major or an area that interests you. This process includes a required 1-credit Internship Prep course.

The program schedule is designed to accommodate your internship hours.

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